is on Youtube!

Listen to your readership! The general feedback is that written articles aren’t always the preferred communication medium for all. We agree and as a result Twenty-Two Ten is on YouTube! Check out our instructional on how to demagnetize your watch.

Our first video offers a DIY instructional to demagnetizing your mechanical or automatic watch. We take you step-by-step through everything you need to know and what most horological-inclined hobbyists should keep in their toolbox.  Investigating potential magnetism is usually the first step to diagnosing why your mechanical or automatic watch may be running fast. So keep this one in the memory bank for when you find yourself in this situation. 

You’ll find links to purchase any of the equipment we use in the comments section of each video. We’ll share all of our tips and secrets collated from all over the internet, forums, watch GTG’s and more – so that you don’t have to do the leg work!

Future videos will categorized into Instructionals, News, Reviews or Important Events in Time.

You’ll find our page here and if you sign in (did you know that Google owns Youtube, so you can sign in with your Google account) and hit the ‘Subscribe’ button to be alerted every time we post a new video.

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