Real or Fake – An App That Detects Watch Authenticity!

Ever stared into the face of an incredibly well priced Rolex at a second hand watch fair and thought; what if it’s just a really good fake? Well wipe the sweat off your brow, pull out your phone and check with AlpVisions counterfiet watch detection app.

alpvision stumbled upon a Swiss based company called AlpVision specialise in product authentication and counterfeit detection using digial surface based indicators. Their app uses a clip-on attachement which magnifies the watches surface beyond that visible by our unassisted eyes and instantly determines authenticity based on microscopic deviations from authenic watch expectations. AlpVision call this application Fingerprint and plan for it to be utilised with specific watch companies who will pre-load their watches authentic templates for the app to compare. The app hasn’t hit App Stores yet but will be available on both Android and IOS.


Unfortunately this still wont help the eBay shoppers, but surely someone out there is working on that too.Twenty-Two Ten Watches Logo